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Would you like to post a reaction? Or just send your resume? That is possible. Fill out this form as completely as possible and you may already be working for us next week. You will always receive an answer, even if we can not fulfill your whishes right away. Please note: the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. If we think that, based on your application, there is a match we will invite you to have an interview with one of our consultants. We will test you on your expertise, knowledge and craftsmanship. We will personally post all these data together with you. During this meeting we will assess your best opportunities and possible extra training. Due to our longstanding relationships with various training institutes we can offer you a training quickly in different languages (eg. Dutch, German, English, Polish and Hungarian) for VCA-1/VCA-VOL, flange fitter, VVL, high-reacher. Are you a welder? Than you need valid welding certificates. Before starting on your first project you will attend a welding test. Fitters will attend a fitterstest


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