Emtes’ activities?
We mediate in the form of sending temporary staff, employ for a longer term, payrolling and recruitment of for example, project managers, supervisors, foremen, welders, fitters and mechanics. From offices in Enschede, Hoogvliet and Amsterdam, we work in the Netherlands and abroad. Through our Hungarian subsidiary, Emtes KFT, we put our Hungarian specialists to work on projects throughout Europe.
We do everything that has to do with technique, from machine-factory to boiler services and from storage-tank revision to  garage-door construction. But our core business is boiler construction / revision, tank construction / revision and pipeline construction.



Boiler-service / construction
Under boiler-service / construction, we mean new construction and revision of industrial boilers and combustion systems. Most of these systems convert waste into energy: electricity, heat and useful building materials. Our specialists have years of experience in this industry and we put them to work on projects for clients such as AEB, Nuon, Essent, Eneco, Attero, AVR, Electrabel, HVC group and E-on.


Storage-tank construction / revision
In storage-tank construction / revision we focus on construction and overhaul of storage tanks in the petrochemical, food- and energy companies. Over the years our people have tons of experience in this sector. The work consists mainly of repairing tank bottoms, tank welding, remediation and jacking. Our clients work for Shell, Esso, BP, MOT, Team Terminal, Vopak, Argos Oil, ETT, Kaneb and Nustar.


Pipeline construction
In pipeline construction, we focus on transmission lines, distribution lines and sinkers, for both high pressure (for example, oil and gasoline) in the petrochemical industry, and low pressure (for example, drinking water). In pipeline construction Emtes has a lot of experience accumulated through the years. Our clients include the Dutch NAM, Gasunie and several energy companies.