Sending temporary staff or project-based posting
A specific project? An employee with a long-term illness? Too few people to cope with a temporary increase of work? For project-based posting, you can go to Emtes. The difference with sending temporary staff is that project-based posting is agreed by all three parties. They sign a contract which contains an agreed notice. The employee is thus a certain (predefined) time employed. We have a huge range of specialists in management- or operational positions, who are in our permanent staff. This allows you to have immediate access to a highly qualified, experienced and flexible pool. Even if you only need one FTE, or only during a peak-period. You enjoy all the knowledge, skills, experience and fresh views of our specialists, without having them on your payroll.

Do you need someone to stay at your company? We have a huge network in The Netherlands and abroad. We also work closely with schools, training centers, the UWV and the German “Arbeitsamt”. We present ourselves at a lot of fairs, on job boards and have recruitment through referral. All this combined with our knowledge and experience it may be that we already know the person you're searching for.


With payrolling you actually give away your employer-ship to Emtes. Your staff will then be employed by Emtes. Because of this you get rid of specialist, legal and administrative matters such as payroll, payment of social security and pensions for example. We arrange all this. An additional advantage is that your employee is no longer under the specific CLA for your industry, this way you avoid mandatory contributions to industry funds and corporate pension schemes. The advantage is that the difference between labor costs for your company and the employee's net pay is reduced. So for payroll, you can go to Emtes as well.