Who is Who?

We are a young ambitious organization where job satisfaction is paramount. The culture is informal and down to earth. We give our people a lot of space to grow and learn and allow them to work and stay with us. We have excellent working conditions, career opportunities, interesting clients, training facilities, dynamics, personalized attention, flexibility and teamwork. Everything is negotiable. But mostly we're just good fun. And with that we are binding the best people and clients to our company. Who we are:

<p>The figurehead and team building leader of Emtes. Eleven years ago he laid the foundation for the sober-minded, fun and dynamic organization, which still is a young team today. Marco, like no other, stands for the organization's motto: Just do it.</p><p>Jasper, who does not know him? Jasper our in-house encyclopedia. He knows every corner of our organization. Jasper is mainly concerned with managing our operations and improve our market position. He likes to think of new ideas, turns that into concrete plans and these plans into action.</p><p>This cheerful young lady who is fond of jokes, has been working since 2002 for Emtes. She started in Denekamp, moved with us to Oldenzaal and moved in 2006 to our office in Amsterdam. Nowadays, Esther is mainly located in Hoogvliet, she focuses on acquisition and key accounts.</p><p>Since November 2008, this sober-minded lady from Ypelo stands her ground in Enschede. She is known as an honest, hard worker who’s in for a lark. Commercially, Jeneska is very strong. In addition, she applies her organizational skills in managing projects and executing this independently.</p><p>Shortly after the establishment of Emtes Hoogvliet in 2004, Hellen started to work here. She experienced the growth of this office and for that reason she is fully experienced and has developed into a very good all-rounder. Hellen is solid and reliable and the central point in this office.</p><p>Paul is controller in Enschede since 2006. With his knowledge and his extensive experience he is a real addition to our team. Paul is the contact at the back office for all financial matters. He monitors the financial processes, but also contributes to the internal structure and organization.</p><p>Flip is the patriarch of Emtes. Through his years of experience in the financial side of the staffing industry he became an important link within our team. He has witnessed the growth of Emtes entirely from Denekamp via Oldenzaal to Enschede.</p><p>Some say Esther is the most important person in our organization. This probably since she is the contact for billing and payrolling. Esther works with us since 2006 already. Thanks to her accurate way of working, our billing and payrolling goes smoothly and our employees can be sure that they will always get their salary payment on time.</p><p>Wilma works part time in our back office where she leads the document flow in the right direction. She also ensures the outgoing correspondence.</p>